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General Education Courses

Office Procedures
The course provides an overview and understanding of the medical health care roles and responsibilities in the office.  The student is trained in telephone procedures and etiquette, patient reception and scheduling techniques.  The importance of accuracy, medical ethics and the legal aspects associated with medical records is emphasized. 
This course provides students with basic skills and understanding of mathematics including practices and the use of common formulas. A review of basic math functions is provided with emphasis on practical mathematical problems. The course will familiarize students with basic math theory emphasizing those components making up a business accounting formulas. Basic equations and techniques will be covered while Proficiency is developed in performing business mathematical operations using a computer. 
Communication Skills
This course presents the principles of expository writing and rhetorical style through coordinated reading and writing assignments. Various expository writing techniques, such as argumentation, description, and narration are discussed. Topics include the skills and procedures for conducting research and the writing of a well-organized and well-developed report.
The Psychology course instructs students in basic knowledge of the study of behavior and mental processes with emphasis on the scientific nature of contemporary psychological investigation. Topics discussed included research methods, the biology of behavior, sensation and perception, stress and adjustment, learning, memory, cognition, motivation, emotion, life-span development of behavior, personality, and abnormal behavior and its therapies, social behavior and individual differences. 
A study of the nature and methods of economics. Topics will include the economizing problem, American capitalism, national goals, and the basic principles of money and banking. A detailed analysis of supply and demand, the mechanics of market structures, national income, inflation, employment theory, and monetary and fiscal policy will be presented and discussed. The scope and methodology of macroeconomics as to choice, scarcity, and problems will be explored. An introduction to microeconomics will be presented.  
American History
This course is a survey of American history from the Age of discovery to the end of Reconstruction. Topics to be discussed include the transplantation of European culture to America, the rise of American society, the institution of slavery, and the emergence of an industrial society. 
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