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New Year, New You

Remember that New Year’s Resolution? Well, you’re about to make another one soon, and if you completed your resolution, congrats! If you haven’t, it’s time to start getting ready to make a real change. If your failed resolution was to make more money, or move into a better apartment, or to feel more fulfilled and happy, and you didn’t give us a call, you can fix that mistake now. Don’t wait until New Year’s to say, “I’ll go to school.” Instead, call us now, and get the ball rolling on enrolling for your classes and talking with advisers to figure out what you will be doing, not what you should be doing. By taking a step towards your dream future now, your resolution can be to graduate, because being enrolled is the first and most difficult step to take. Making the choice to choose an education that will lead you to a career that is fulfilling and enjoyable is great for you, but also for your loved ones because then you can have that extra cash for the vacation you’ve been dreaming of for years.

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