Comprehensive Support for Every Student

At National Career College, we believe that student success extends beyond the classroom. Our Student Services Department is dedicated to providing you with the resources and support you need to excel academically and prepare for your future career.

Our Services Designed for You

Our goal is to ensure that you have a fulfilling and enriching experience at NCC. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your needs:

  • Graduation Ceremony: Celebrating your achievements is important to us. Our graduation ceremony is a time to recognize the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your studies, surrounded by your peers, family, and friends.

  • Awards and Honors: We take pride in acknowledging outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements. Our awards and honors programs are designed to celebrate your accomplishments and inspire continued excellence.

  • School Supplies: To support your academic needs, we offer assistance with purchasing necessary school supplies. Our goal is to ensure you have all the tools required for success in your studies.

  • Transportation Information: We provide information on transportation options to and from campus, making your commute as convenient as possible.

  • Parking Availability: For students who drive to campus, we offer information on parking availability to ensure you have access to safe and convenient parking spaces.

  • Library Access: Our online library is stocked with a wealth of resources, including textbooks, journals, and online databases, to support your academic research and learning.

  • Conflict Resolution Assistance: Whether you’re facing challenges with faculty or fellow students, our team is here to facilitate resolutions, ensuring a positive and productive learning environment for everyone.


Technology and Support Services at National Career College

National Career College equips each student with Chromebooks and offers continuous technical support, ensuring seamless online and traditional learning experiences. Our comprehensive student support services, including tutoring, advising, and career guidance, are designed to foster your academic and professional growth.

Empowering Your Education with Technology

At National Career College, we ensure every student is fully equipped for success in both traditional and online learning environments. As part of our commitment to accessible education, we provide each student with a state-of-the-art Chromebook laptop. These devices come fully loaded with all the necessary hardware and software for seamless participation in our distance education programs. To complement your learning experience, we require that you have a stable internet connection and a webcam for interactive classes. We believe in empowering our students with the essential computer skills needed for today’s digital learning landscape. For those who prefer an on-campus experience, we offer access to internet and computing facilities during business hours.

24/7 Technical Support

Our support extends beyond the classroom. We offer comprehensive technical assistance through our Learning Management System (LMS), CANVAS, and external courseware providers like Cengage and EVOLVE (specifically for Vocational Nursing courses). Whether you’re facing a technical glitch or need help navigating your courses, our dedicated team is available 24/7. You’ll receive all necessary contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, during your orientation, ensuring you have the support you need at your fingertips.

Dedicated Support Services

Our commitment to your success is reflected in our robust support services tailored for both on-campus and online students. From the moment you join NCC, we guide you through every step of your educational journey. Our comprehensive orientations and specialized training introduce you to the LMS platform, emphasizing the importance of regular attendance, timely submission of assignments, and active participation in online discussions. We offer a full suite of student services, including tutoring, academic advising, and career support, all of which are accessible regardless of your location. We encourage you to reach out, schedule appointments, and take full advantage of the resources available to you at NCC.

Your Success is Our Priority

At NCC, your success is our success. The Student Services Department is here to support you every step of the way, from your first day on campus to the moment you walk across the graduation stage. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and realize your full potential.