National Career College Programs:

National Career College (NCC) offers various vocational training programs in Los Angeles tailored to meet the needs of students in the healthcare and business fields. Choosing NCC for your educational needs offers several compelling advantages:


NCC’s programs focus on providing specialized training in high-demand fields like healthcare and business, ensuring that the curriculum is aligned with current industry standards and future trends. This approach enhances your employability by equipping you with relevant skills and knowledge.

Personalized Support and Small Class Sizes

With a commitment to individualized instruction, NCC offers small class sizes that allow for personalized attention and support from experienced faculty. This nurturing educational environment fosters a deeper understanding of course material and enhances the overall learning experience.

Comprehensive Career Services

NCC is dedicated to the success of its graduates, offering a range of career services including resume building, job leads, interview skills, and networking opportunities. This support extends beyond graduation, helping students to transition smoothly into their chosen careers and achieve professional growth. For more information on how NCC supports your success in transitioning into the workforce visit NCC’s Career Services
NCC’s programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level positions in their respective fields, with a focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of each profession. The online and on-campus options provide flexibility to accommodate the diverse needs of students, while the inclusion of externships in some programs ensures hands-on experience in real-world settings.

NCC’s On-Campus Vocational Training Programs

Dental Assistant

Program Duration: 9 months (Includes Externship) 

Class Schedule: Morning or Night Classes

Credential: Diploma

Unlock a rewarding career in dental healthcare with National Career College’s Dental Assistant Program. This 9-month diploma offers flexible class schedules and hands-on training in state-of-the-art facilities, perfectly designed to fit your life. Start your journey towards a fulfilling future with NCC’s Dental Assistant Program.


Medical Assistant

Program Duration: 8 months (Includes Externship) 

Class Schedule: Morning, Afternoon, or Night Classes

Credential: Diploma

Dive into a vibrant healthcare career with National Career College’s Medical Assistant Program. Tailored for aspiring healthcare professionals, this 8-month diploma blends medical theory with extensive hands-on practice, preparing you for a dynamic role in medical settings. Flexible schedules and a supportive learning environment make it easy to embark on your healthcare journey. Begin your path to becoming an indispensable part of a medical team with NCC’s Medical Assistant Program.


Vocational Nursing (VN)

Program Duration: 14 months (Includes Externship) 

Class Schedule: Day Classes (Full Time)

Credential: Diploma

Step into the world of nursing with National Career College’s VN Program. In just 14 months, gain the skills and knowledge to provide compassionate patient care in a variety of healthcare settings. Our program combines classroom learning with clinical experience, offering day classes for full-time students. Transform your passion for helping others into a fulfilling nursing career with NCC’s VN Program.


NCC’s Online Vocational Training Programs

Business Management and Accounting

Program Duration: 14 months

Class Schedule: Morning or Night Classes

Credential: Associate of Applied Science Degree

Elevate your career potential with National Career College’s Business Management and Accounting Program. This innovative 14-month program integrates business and accounting principles, offering morning or night online classes for ultimate flexibility. Prepare for diverse roles in the business world by mastering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Take the first step towards leadership and success with NCC’s Business Management and Accounting Program.


Healthcare Administration

Program Duration: 14 months

Class Schedule: Morning or Night Classes

Credential: Associate of Applied Science Degree

Launch your career in healthcare with National Career College’s Healthcare Administration Program. This 14-month Associate of Applied Science degree is delivered online, with the choice of morning or night classes, designed to fit into your busy life. Gain the expertise to manage healthcare facilities and improve patient care. Shape the future of healthcare with your leadership with NCC’s Healthcare Administration Program.


Medical Office Specialist

Program Duration: 8 months

Class Schedule: Morning or Night Classes

Credential: Diploma

Kickstart your career in the medical field with National Career College’s Medical Office Specialist Program (also known as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist). This 8-month diploma program offers online day or evening classes, focusing on administrative and patient-interaction skills. Learn how to manage medical records, file insurance claims, and maintain electronic health records. Make a difference in healthcare from behind the scenes with NCC’s Medical Office Specialist Program.