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Dental Assistant Education at National Career College

Dental Assistants are important members of the dental team. If you’re a compassionate individual that likes helping others, becoming a dental assistant is a great entryway to a rewarding career. National Career College’s Dental Assistant Program is for you if you enjoy making clients smile on a daily basis and have great communication skills.

Those considering becoming a dental assistant should be aware of the needed coursework, the program’s difficulty level, and any potential academic barriers. Upon graduation, students are eligible to sit for the Registered Dental Assistant examination, RDA (CA DCA, Dental Board of California). Additionally, upon graduation, students will obtain Radiation Safety, Infection Control, and Coronal Polishing certifications, approved by the Dental Board of California.

If you have been asking, “Where can I find Dental Assistant training near me,” or searching for Dental Assistant programs in California, it is time to learn more about Dental Assistant training with National Career College!

What does a Dental Assistant do?

Dental Assistants are highly visible members of every dental team whether it be in a dental office, dental surgery center or an orthodontist practice. Their responsibilities are among the most extensive and varied in a dental office as they provide support to both dentists and dental hygienists on a variety of tasks, including:

  • Patient care
  • Prepare dental materials for procedures
  • Sterilize dental instruments
  • Hand instruments to dentists during procedures
  • Dry patients’ mouths using suction hoses and other equipment
  • Teach patients proper oral hygiene
  • Process x rays and complete lab tasks
  • Keep records of dental treatments
  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Work with patients on billing and payment1

You may also perform a variety of lab tasks such as coronal polishing, sealant application, fluoride application, and topical anesthetic application.

What do you Learn in Dental Assisting School?

A dental assistant’s primary responsibility is to help the dentist, the courses you take will include instruction on how to correctly utilize dental equipment as well as practice strategies for doing so. Basic dental procedures will also be taught as part of this training to help patients prepare for more extensive operations. Administering anesthesia or producing x-rays are two examples.

As a dental assistant, you must be able to anticipate a dentist’s demands and provide them with the equipment they need to complete the procedure. This necessitates them to think on their feet and to have everything ready to go and adjust when things don’t go as planned. Instructors will frequently run through scenarios to give pupils practice adjusting to diverse situations for these reasons.

They also help handle the administrative side of a dental practice in addition to supporting the dentist with their duties. They must often plan appointments, keep records, and, on occasion, take inventory and place orders for new equipment. For these reasons, training will frequently walk a student through fundamental record-keeping procedures to help them improve their organizing abilities.

National Career College’s course curriculum is designed to help build a solid foundation in the following areas:

  • Dental Anatomy and physiology
  • Dental health and nutrition
  • Oral histology
  • Tooth Form and structure
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Dental laboratory procedures
  • Dental Radiography
  • Orthodontics
  • Operative dentistry
  • Patient care
  • Dental office administration management

How long is Dental Assistant training?

At National Career College, we work hard to ensure taking classes does not hamper your work-life balance while enriching your education and prospects in the employment market. That is why we offer day and evening classes for our Dental Assistant Program. National Career College’s dental assistant course takes less than 10 months to complete. In those 10 months, our students receive quality dental assistant training toward completing the necessary dental assistant requirements for employment.

Where do Dental Assistants work?

Our Dental Assistant education program is built to provide students with the appropriate theory and hands-on skills necessary to prepare them for entry-level positions.

Upon successful completion of National Career College’s Dental Assistant course curriculum, graduates may seek a career as a dental assistant. These opportunities could be found in:

  • Dental offices
  • Dental specialties – surgery, pediatric, orthodontics
  • Dental schools
  • Dental supply manufacturers
  • Hospital dental departments
  • Dental laboratories
  • Public health departments and government agencies
  • Dental prosthesis manufacturing
  • Dental insurance companies

As a student at National Career College, you will also have the opportunity to attain real-life experience. Students at NCC can demonstrate their clinical and administrative skills in a dental practice setting through our externship program. Our placement department will assist graduates with career placement as well.



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