Would you be interested in earning a living by helping people in a time of need? If so, you’ll love the benefits that come with a medical assistant job position. As a vital member of many medical facilities teams across California, you’ll enjoy a healthy mix of helping patients and working with fellow healthcare professionals every day.

Not only is the medical assistant job rewarding, but it’s also one of the fastest-growing requirements in the healthcare industry. That’s because the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is projecting a growth rate for the medical assistant workforce at an impressive 16% from 2021 to 2031. At three times the national average, roles, including entry-level medical assistant jobs, expect to see an average of 123,000 openings each year.

As an accredited medical assistant training college, Nacional Career College can help you retrain and potentially secure your first medical assistant job in only eight months. So, we’ve created an article filled with useful advice, tips, and strategies to help you stand out after graduating as a qualified medical assistant.

Harness the Power of Your Externship Experience

When it comes to impressing potential employers who are marketing entry-level medical assistant jobs… nothing appeals more than a medical assistant graduate with clinical experience. After all, it demonstrates you’ve grasped the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in medical assistant job duties.

Employers value medical assistant job seekers who have established this practical clinical experience because it reduces the need for extensive training of new recruits. So be sure to utilize the expertise gained in areas including patient care and the administrative duties related to the role, as these are particularly desirable to employers.

Advantages of Professional Networking and Medical Assisting Volunteering

Graduates… never underestimate the immense advantages of actively networking and volunteering before embarking on your medical assistant job hunt. By establishing connections with fellow healthcare experts, you can acquire valuable industry knowledge and open up potential job avenues.

Volunteering for medical assistant opportunities broadens your knowledge of medical assistant job duties and offers a chance to acquire new skills. In addition, such extracurricular experiences can provide valuable insights into various healthcare facilities and practices. Moreover, networking with professionals while volunteering can increase the chances of securing your first medical assistant job after graduation.

Catch the Eye of Prospective Medical Assistant Job Employers With A 5-Star Resume

If you're seeking a medical assistant position, a captivating resume can open the doors to a world of opportunities. A thoughtfully crafted curriculum vitae (CV) enables you to create a great first impression on prospective employers that can help secure the medical assistant job of your dreams.

Given the medical assistant job outlook is expected to exceed the national average, the demand for skilled and qualified professionals in this field is rising. So, emphasize your relevant experience, skills, and medical assistant qualifications on your resume, to highlight your value to potential employers.

Search for ‘Medical Assistant Jobs Near Me’ and Explore Income Potential

Great news… not only is the medical assistant job outlook greater than the national average, but in California, the medical assistant job income potential also exceeds the national average. Indeed calculates the average base salary for medical assistants to be $49,737 in Los Angeles which is 14% above the national average. 

Furthermore, to enhance the outcome of your search for ‘medical assistant jobs near me,’ explore all possible avenues to target the highest-paying job openings. For example, look for entry-level medical assistant jobs wherever they might be advertised; this includes:

  • Online Job Boards
  • Medical employment forums
  • LinkedIn
  • Individual healthcare facilities’ websites

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your professional network for any vacancies and advice.

Ace your Medical Assistant Job interview

Thoroughly preparing before a big interview is a fantastic strategy for captivating prospective employers. Why? Because interviews provide an opportunity to demonstrate your passion for the medical assistant work you’ll soon be undertaking… while also highlighting your relevant experience or medical training you’ve completed.

We also recommend researching common medical assistant job interview questions and practice developing insightful responses to them. Additionally, to make a superb impression, consider preparing engaging questions about the medical facility and work atmosphere that showcase your eagerness to join the team.

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