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What is a Dental Lab Technician?

If you are looking to begin a lucrative new career, you will probably do some research into the available options. If you’ve made it to our website, there is a good chance that you are considering a career as a Dental Lab Technician.

Before making an appointment to speak with one of our administrators or counselors, take a look at the duties, career advantages, and earning potential as defined by the American Dental Association. If you like what you see, contact us to find out what the next step is.

Learning to Have Patience with Patients

While you are at National Career College training for your career in the medical field, you will find that one of the most important traits you can exhibit is patience. Whether you are dealing with another employee or a patient, staying calm and showing compassion will go a long way.

Of course, you will run into people, especially patients, who will make you want to scream out in frustration. It is ESPECIALLY important to treat these people with grace and kindness because there is a good chance that they will continue to be difficult if you fight them.

One particularly frustrating quality in a patient is the inability to cooperate and follow your instructions. You will encounter patients who are terrified of needles, question everything you say, and generally refuse to follow advice. The key is to remain calm and try to critically analyze the situation.

In this piece from the Wall Street Journal, the author explores some of the factors that prevent patients from peacefully taking their pills. What would stop a normal person from taking life-saving medicine?

Turns out, understanding the root of the problem makes it easier to think of a solution. People don’t act out because they want to, there is usually an underlying cause. This will do wonders for improving your bedside manners and communication skills.

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If you’re looking to find an open position following the completion of National Career College’s CAD/CAM Dental Assistant Program, you should follow @LADentalJobs on Twitter.

L.A. Dental Jobs lists openings at local dentists’ offices and provides job descriptions for potential applicants.

Check them out and good luck achieving your dream career!

Improve Your Life & Make a Career Change by Attending NCC

It happens to everyone. You get hired into an available position with no plans to stay there long-term, and five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years later you are still employed.

Maybe you love the job, or maybe you just tolerate it. Maybe you enjoy your co-workers and customers. Perhaps it is the comfortable routine that you appreciate. Whatever the reason, you know deep down that you are not fulfilling your potential or earning enough money, but it is just easier to stick with what you are doing than to try something new.

If this describes your life, you might want to look into National Career College in Van Nuys. We provide top-tier classes and career planning for our students, so that they have the tools and knowledge necessary for a career change.

It doesn’t matter how old you are- whether you have decades of professional experience or if you’re coming straight out of high school- we have programs designed to give you applicable knowledge for real-world jobs as a medical assistant, medical office specialist, dental lab technician, or healthcare administrator.

You don’t have to be stuck in a dead-end job or a boring position. There are plenty of options, if you’re willing to put in the work and effort to find them and train. We can help you get a new start and improve your life.

For more information, contact NCC to get in touch with one of our representatives.

Career Spotlight: Healthcare Administration Training Program

In our previous blog, we covered the other three career training programs offered at NCC, so it seems fitting to discuss the remaining one today: Healthcare Administration.

What are the responsibilities of this job?

Health care administrators are generally in charge of the other medical office assistants, acting as a supervisor. This includes managing health information systems, filing patient paperwork, doing front desk duties, communicating with insurance companies, maintaining financial records, and keeping other workers on task.

What sort of student chooses healthcare administrative positions?

Unlike the other programs, this career is best for students who already have experience in the healthcare and medical fields and are looking for career advancement. If you previously worked or are currently employed as a medical assistant or office specialist, consider attending National Career College courses in order to earn a promotion and raise.

Although medical employment is recommended for these courses, it is not required. Other qualified candidates include:

  • People with administrative experience in another field
  • Responsible workers capable of handling a staff and administrative duties
  • Inspired individuals wanting to start a lucrative new career!

What topics do NCC courses cover?

Along with reviewing administrative duties, our programs also cover medical topics, such as terminology, anatomy, and physiology, which allow you to communicate with doctors, nurses, and other staff members.

We also provide courses in electronic medical recordkeeping (EMR), medical coding and billing, and computer filing. These are near-universal skills that can be applied to any health care business or facility.

What happens after graduation?

After the yearlong course, we arrange for our students to receive hands-on training in their field. For an administrator, this could take place in a doctor’s office, hospital, or health insurance building.

Our courses are designed to increase the likelihood of employment and promotion. Even if you do not initially get hired into your desired position, you will have the necessary skills to prove your value and receive a promotion.

National Career College In-Depth Training Medical Field

At National Career College in Los Angeles, we have specialists who provide career training in the medical and dental fields. These positions do not require a PhD or graduate degree for employment, but having job-specific training will greatly increases your odds of getting hired.

Here are the professions in which we train students, along with a brief description of each:

Medical Office Specialist

In this career, you will be in charge of administrative duties, such as front desk management, filing patient paperwork, and dealing with medical billing and bookkeeping. NCC teaches typing skills, introduces students to filing programs, explains basic insurance billing procedures, and show you proper etiquette when interacting with patients at the front desk.

Medical Assistant

A Medical Assistant’s duties often fall somewhere between the office specialist and a nurse; she must be a jack-of-all-trades. Along with patient paperwork filing and front desk duties, the assistant is asked to help the doctor with her duties, like checking vital signs, asking for patient information, and running basic laboratory tests. NCC prepares you with a wide array of courses, from Medical Terminology to Medical Office Finance.

Dental Lab Technician

NCC began as a school for dental assistants, teaching students how to operate the newest machinery in the dentistry field. Although we have expanded, we are still one of only a few colleges offering such advanced dental training courses in Los Angeles. In particular, our CAD/CAM program is well-renowned within the dental community for graduating students who are proficient in the technology and ready for employment. We will train you with multiple technologies designed to create molds of teeth for patients.