Learn About Our Career Services

At National Career College, your medical career training does not stop at graduation. Ensuring graduating students are successful in transitioning into the workforce is our goal and the reason why we are committed to helping our graduates with their employment search. Our Career Services staff is dedicated and motivated to help our students find employment in their field of study. Although we cannot guarantee employment, National Career College will provide all graduates with the tools necessary to secure a career in healthcare. The Career Services Department staff assistance consists primarily of educating our students in developing their abilities to successfully perform employment-seeking tasks, such as:
  • Resume preparation
  • Job leads
  • Job search techniques
  • Interview prep and techniques
  • Completing job applications
  • Interview follow-up
  • Career management workshop
  • Networking
We understand that a successful job search is dependent upon the confidence, willingness, and preparedness of you, the graduate. Students and graduates are encouraged not to place restrictions on their job search endeavors regarding location, starting salary, and specific benefits. Please understand that any employment obtained through the school’s assistance will, in all probability, be an entry-level position. National Career College does not guarantee employment to any student upon graduation.