If you're searching for a new job or are just out of high school, Dental Assisting is an excellent option. It's a one-of-a-kind job in the fast-paced medical industry, with no two days ever being the same. The short-term Dental Assistant Program may be the right career for you if you enjoy helping others and building essential personal connections regularly.

Take a peek at the top reasons our Dental Assisting school graduates originally opted to pursue this job.


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As A Dental Assistant, You Can Help People Smile More

We've all had dental work done. A dental assistant is usually present during our dentist appointment, whether it's for a routine cleaning or a more involved operation. Perhaps their work has inspired you, and you're thinking about pursuing a career as a dental assistant, but you're not sure what they do.

Dental assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks, including patient care, x-rays, record keeping, appointment scheduling, and more! They are in charge of both administrative and clinical tasks. They work in reception on occasion. They may also collaborate with a dentist on dental operations. Every day is unique!

Many dental assistants assist the dentist in preparing patients and the work environment. They clean and sanitize dental instruments before handing them over to the dentist during treatments. They also take x-rays, execute lab orders, and perform a variety of other essential dental office tasks.

Keeping records of dental procedures, scheduling visits, and paying insurance companies for services accomplished are examples of administrative duties. A career as a dental assistant is never dull.


#1 It's a High-Demand Job (Job Security)

Job stability is one of the most compelling arguments for pursuing a career as a Dental Assistant. Because a good dental office cannot run without a Dental Assistant, this position will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. Job vacancies in this industry are predicted to increase by 19% over the next decade, totaling 64,600 new positions.

Let's look at a few key reasons why this job path is expected to rise so rapidly.

The Relationship Between Oral and General Health
Researchers have recently focused their attention on the relationship between dental health and overall health. They've discovered that the mouth and the body are inextricably linked, with many oral health problems sharing risk factors with other chronic diseases and ailments. As academics continue to investigate and educate the public, the general population's desire for preventative dental care will rise.

Dental Care is in Higher Demand
Aside from people seeking preventative dental care more actively, there is also population expansion, which naturally raises demand for dental care. Furthermore, senior individuals are now more inclined than in the past to keep their teeth, giving you a wider patient base. Remember that both regular and specialist dentists, such as Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, and Orthodontists, require Dental Assistants. That implies there will be chances for Dental Assistants wherever you reside.


#2 Conditions Of Work

Can't handle the idea of spending all day looking at a computer screen? Does engaging with a diverse range of people come naturally to you? Well, then you are quite suitable for the role of a dental assistant.

As for the type of work a dental assistant does, it varies from aiding dentists with surgeries to processing X-rays, as their work involves a range of different things. Despite all the Hustle that the role involves, they do get time to sit while they keep track of patients' information and handle appointments. The dental office is often a clean, safe, and pleasant workplace.


#3 Possibility of Growth

Becoming a Dentistry Assistant is an excellent method to break into the dental field. After a few years of employment, you'll be in a wonderful position to become an office manager or a dental assisting instructor if you wish to change careers.

At the same time, the role is exciting and fast-paced, with no two days being the same. You'll learn everything it takes to manage a dental business, including administration, patient care, and more, after some time in this position. Dental Assisting is frequently used as a stepping stone to other positions in the dental and healthcare fields, with options like:

  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Office Managers
  • Insurance Claims Processing & Coding professionals


#4 It's a Rewarding Position

Making patients feel at ease and heard is an important part of being a great Dental Assistant. As a result, communication and customer service are two of the most critical abilities for this position. You'll be putting patients first every day, which will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. If you ask any Dental Assistant about their profession, they'll most likely begin by talking about their patients and how rewarding it is to give them a reason to smile while also improving their quality of life. Making a good influence in someone's life is the best feeling in the world!


#5 Establishing Relationships With Patients

As an entry-level dental assistant, you'll immediately learn how important you are to the practice. When patients are apprehensive, they will look to you for confidence, comfort, and hospitality. A warm grin may make a great difference in a patient's visit, and they won't hesitate to express their gratitude.


Dental Assistants' Competencies

Many of the abilities you'll need to work as a dental assistant may be learned in a reputable dental assistant school, but others come naturally. Some talents and inclinations are essential to become a dental assistant, just as someone who dislikes working with their hands would be unsuitable for construction employment.

Because dental assistants frequently engage with patients, they must be able to work effectively with others. While dentists spend their time manipulating teeth, a dental assistant will frequently explain processes and ensure that the patient is comfortable.

A dental assistant also needs the following soft skills and abilities as per National Career College:

Active Listening- Active listening is paying close attention to what others are saying, taking the time to grasp what they're saying, asking questions when necessary, and not interrupting at inopportune moments.

Reading Comprehension- Understanding written words and paragraphs in work-related papers is known as reading comprehension.

Speaking- Communicating with people to effectively deliver knowledge.

Critical Thinking- Identifying the strengths and limitations of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to issues using logic and reasoning.

Service Orientation- An active search for ways to assist others.

Active Learning- Understanding the significance of new information for present and future problem-solving and decision-making is active learning.

Monitoring- Keeping track of your own, other people's, or organization's performance to make changes or take remedial action.

Social Perceptiveness- Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react the way they do is known as social perceptiveness.

Oral Comprehension- The capacity to listen to and comprehend information and ideas conveyed by spoken words and phrases.

Oral Expression- The capacity to convey information and thoughts to others in a way that they can grasp.

Written Comprehension- The capacity to read and comprehend written information and concepts.

Arm-Hand Stability- The ability to maintain your hand and arm steady when moving your arm or holding it in one place.

Deductive Reasoning- This entails the capacity to apply general principles to specific issues to the capacity to put disparate pieces of knowledge together to generate broad principles or conclusions.

Written Expression- The capacity to convey information and thoughts in writing in a way that others may comprehend.


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