Are you looking to jumpstart your career in the dental industry? Perhaps starting a new vocation working in an enjoyable, fast-paced environment where you can make people feel good about themselves? Then chances are a dental assistant job could be the career move you’ve been looking for.

California is home to a thriving dental industry, and in less than a year of training, you could requalify and start applying for entry-level dental assistant jobs. Imagine the impact you’ll be making within your community to improve people’s oral health and get them smiling more.

Here at National Career College, we take pride in offering a first-class dental assistant diploma program, equipping students with the tools to turn their careers around. As a result, in this article, we'll explore tips and strategies to help you secure your first dental assistant job in California after graduation.

So, if you're ready to take the first step toward your dream job, let's get started!

Use Your Externship to Boost Your Career Prospects

Like many other healthcare vocations, externships are a fantastic vehicle that allows you to experience training in real-life environments. A dental externship enables you to apply and practice your classroom-learned dental assistant job duties under the supervision of an expert dentist professional. 

Why is this important? Well, when you are looking to land your first dental assistant job, a clinical externship can be a great way to set yourself apart. This is because potential dental employers frequently prioritize applicants with previous practical experience working in authentic dental settings.

The Benefits of Hands-On Volunteering and Networking

While dental externships can often lead to a potential dental assistant job offer after graduation, gaining as much additional experience as possible is vital. Expanding your dental training beyond college-based externships shows initiative while exposing you to different commercial dental environments.

There are several significant benefits to volunteering at external dental practices. Not only are you strengthening your skills and knowledge base. But you’ll also be building a professional network within the dental community which can open the door to a number of entry-level dental assistant jobs.

Start Researching Dental Assistant Position Openings and Expected Salaries

Even before you graduate, start searching for ‘dental assistant jobs near me.’ Not only will this help you find job vacancies, but you’ll also be familiarizing yourself with the dental assistant job outlook. With Indeed calculating the average annual wage for dental assistants is $74,358 in Los Angeles, why not target the best-paid jobs?

Additionally, reaching out to dental practices advertising entry-level dental assistant jobs demonstrates initiative and expands your network of industry contacts. This early groundwork helps connect you with existing dental professionals and enhances your chances of securing a dental assistant job offer after finishing your studies.

Stand Out From The Crowd: Tips For Crafting A Winning Dental Assistant Job Resume

Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is projecting the dental assistant job outlook to expect 56,400 dental assistant opportunities per year, on average, over the decade. And while that equates to an impressive 8% growth between 2021 to 2031… you’ll want your resume to stand out to prospective employers.

Here are a few top tips to help you get noticed:

  • Stick to a one-page resume format.
  • Begin by emphasizing your dental education and academic qualifications.
  • Outline your key strengths and abilities, including both soft and hard skills – such as your attention to detail and familiarity with equipment sterilization.
  • Highlight your volunteer and externship dental assistant work experience.

Impress at your Dental Assistant Job interview

For many graduates, the dental assistant job interview might seem daunting. However, consider it an excellent opportunity to showcase the dental assistant job duties and achievements. This helps to emphasize your externship experience and clarify your motivation for pursuing a career in dentistry.

Preparation ahead of any interview is an excellent way of impressing potential employers. Try researching questions that might be asked by the interviewer and practice crafting positive responses…and to score a few bonus points, ensure that you have some insightful questions to ask about the interviewer or their dental practice too.

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