Are you fueled by a passion for promoting oral health and envisioning a fulfilling career within the healthcare sector? If so, National Career College welcomes you to explore our outstanding Dental Assistant Classes in Los Angeles. This meticulously designed program is crafted to provide aspiring individuals like you with a robust set of skills and knowledge essential for securing entry-level positions in various dental care settings, including offices, clinics, and facilities. 

Our comprehensive 41-week program, offered with flexible day and evening schedules, goes beyond traditional classroom learning. It integrates a hands-on externship component, ensuring that you not only absorb theoretical knowledge but also gain practical experience in real-world dental environments. This holistic approach to education prepares you thoroughly for the dynamic and evolving landscape of dentistry.  

As you embark on this transformative journey, here's a glimpse of the diverse classes awaiting you in our Dental Assistant Program: 

Dental Office Emergencies and Compliance 

Dive into the critical foundations of dental practice with our Dental Office Emergencies and Compliance module. Immerse yourself in the essential principles of infection control, Cal-DOSH (California Only) regulations, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. We prioritize understanding the psychological aspects of patient communication, addressing anxieties related to dental treatment. This module equips you not only with the technical expertise needed for infection control but also with the interpersonal skills crucial for creating a patient-friendly environment. 

Dental Radiography 

Unlock the mysteries of dental radiography in our comprehensive module dedicated to understanding the intricacies of this essential practice. Delve into the realms of radiation protection, X-ray hazards, and the exciting world of digital radiography. This module not only provides theoretical knowledge but also empowers you with practical skills to confidently navigate the evolving landscape of dental imaging. Mastering dental radiography is a key component of your journey toward becoming a skilled and knowledgeable dental assistant. 

Dental Specialties 

Explore the diverse and intricate world of dental specialties in this foundational module. From cranial anatomy to anesthesia administration, you'll delve into the specifics of oral surgery, endodontics, and pediatric dentistry. This comprehensive exploration lays the groundwork for your proficiency in various dental specialties, ensuring you're well-prepared for the diverse challenges that await you in the field. Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become a versatile and competent dental assistant. 

Operatory Dentistry 

Master the art of four-handed dentistry and chair-side assisting duties in our Operatory Dentistry module. Your ability to seamlessly assist in dental procedures will set you apart in your future career. This hands-on training emphasizes the importance of effective collaboration and instrument handling. Gain the practical skills needed to be a valuable asset in a dental office, contributing to the smooth flow of patient care. 

Laboratory Procedures 

Delve into the heart of dental laboratory work with our Laboratory Procedures module. Gain hands-on training in impression-taking and constructing study casts. This practical experience extends to fabricating dental prosthetics, setting the stage for your pivotal role in the dental laboratory. Acquire the skills needed to work with precision and craftsmanship in crafting essential dental components. 

Dental Anatomy and Orthodontics 

Focus on orthodontics as a specialty in this comprehensive module. From practicing measurements to band placement and arch wire ligation, delve into the intricacies of orthodontic assistance. This module deepens your understanding of tooth morphology, oral structures, and oral pathology, setting the stage for a successful career in orthodontic assistance. 

Dental Health 

Specialize in oral pathology, periodontics, and preventive dentistry in our Dental Health module. From pit and fissure sealants to coronal polish procedures, this comprehensive module prepares you for a holistic and preventive approach to dental health. Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the overall well-being of dental patients. 

Modern Concepts in Dental Assisting 

Stay ahead of the curve in our Modern Concepts in Dental Assisting module. Acquire additional skills and duties, including intraoral photography, face bow transfer, and light-cured isolation techniques. Familiarize yourself with EKG monitoring, automated caries detection, and computer-aided design (CAD) machines, ensuring you're well-versed in the latest practices and technologies in dental assisting. 

Administrative Dentistry 

Gain insights into the administrative aspects of a dental office with our Administrative Dentistry module. Explore administrative procedures, receptionist duties, and legal/ethical responsibilities. Acquire hands-on experience with practice management software, dental insurance coding, and billing procedures. This module prepares you for the essential administrative responsibilities that contribute to the efficient functioning of a dental practice. 

Employment Preparation 

Equip yourself for success in the job market with our Employment Preparation course. From effective job searching and application writing to resume building and interview techniques, this course ensures you're ready to navigate the job market and secure a rewarding position in the field. Be prepared for a seamless transition from education to employment with the skills and confidence needed for a successful career. 

Dental Assistant Externship 

Apply your accumulated skills in a real-world setting during a 160-hour externship in our Dental Assistant Externship module. Gain invaluable practical experience under supervision in a dental office or clinic. This hands-on exposure solidifies your knowledge and prepares you for the day-to-day challenges of dental assisting. Put your skills into practice and emerge from the externship ready to contribute effectively to a dental team. 

For more details on the classes offered in the Medical Office Specialist Program see the National Career College Course Catalog 

Chart Your Path to Success: Enroll in National Career College's Dental Assistant Program for a Fulfilling and Dynamic Career in Oral Health 

Embark on a fulfilling career in dental assisting by enrolling in National Career College's esteemed Dental Assistant Program. Designed to be more than just an educational pursuit, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that delves into the intricacies of dental care, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career. 

At National Career College, we prioritize a hands-on approach to training, providing you with practical experience that goes beyond theoretical learning. Through our real-world externship component, you'll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a clinical setting, gaining invaluable insights and refining your skills under the guidance of experienced professionals. 

The ever-evolving field of dentistry demands adaptability and continuous learning, and our program is strategically crafted to meet these industry demands. By taking the first step and applying to our Dental Assistant Program, you are not only investing in your education but also securing a pathway to a rewarding healthcare career. Don't miss the chance to shape your future in oral health – enroll now and unlock the potential for a fulfilling and dynamic journey in dental assisting. Your journey toward professional success begins here at National Career College. Apply today!