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Want to know how to become a medical assistant in California? This comprehensive guide will lead you through every step, from understanding what a medical assistant does to navigating the certification process. Whether you are just starting your career journey or looking to switch professions, this blog will provide you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions and pursue a fulfilling career in the California healthcare sector.

The Role of a Medical Assistant in California

Medical assistants are allied health professionals who support medical staff in clinical and administrative tasks. In California, their role is indispensable in settings such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices. 


Certification, while not mandatory statewide, is highly recommended as it increases job prospects and potential earnings. Despite the fact that the state of California does not require medical assistants to be licensed or certified, the employer or insurance company of the supervising physician or podiatrist may require that the medical assistant be certified in order to work for them. 

What is a Qualified Medical Assistant in California?

As defined by the Medical Board of California, a "Qualified" medical assistant is certified by a certifying organization approved by the Board. There is no additional licensure required for Certified Medical Assistants. If they are certified, they are qualified.


The accepted certifying organizations are:



Regardless of the certifying organization, each state has its own set of rules for the scope of practice for medical assistants. In California, for instance, the Medical Board of California sets the standards for what procedures are included in the scope of practice for medical assistants.


Medical assistants are unlicensed, and may only perform basic administrative and clinical tasks as permitted by law. Technical support services can be performed by medical assistants only after receiving training from a doctor, podiatrist, or physician assistant. In order to "supervise" a procedure, the licensed physician, podiatrist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife has to be physically present in the treatment facility.

How to Become A Certified Medical Assistant in California?

The typical path to becoming a qualified medical assistant in California involves 2 steps:


Step 1: Complete an Accredited Medical Assistant Training Program


Step 2: Gain certification from an approved certifying organization


Let's take a look at these steps in more detail!

How Do I Choose the Best Medical Assistant Program?

In order to become a Certified Medical Assistant, you must attend a school that is accredited or approved by a recognized agency. It is important to note that if a school is not accredited/approved, you will not be able to sit for the certification examination on the basis of your educational experience alone.


There are two industry-accepted accreditations/approvals:



National Career College is accredited by ABHES. For more information please read: Accreditation & Approvals

How Do Medical Assistants Gain Certification in California?

As soon as you have successfully completed your medical assisting program at an accredited or approved school, you will be eligible to take your certification exam. In California, you will typically choose one of the following certifications you are eligible to take. Below are the most certifications and the approved certifying organization:



While the CMA is the most widely accepted by other state boards, any of these certifications will qualify you in California. There are other certifying bodies and certifications available to medical assistants. These certifications may qualify you in other states; but, not California.


In the context of reviewing many medical assisting programs, accreditation for certification is an important aspect to consider. Nonetheless, it is important to note that it is not a complete picture of what medical assistant programs will have to offer you from start to finish.


When choosing an accredited medical assisting program, you should also take into account the curriculum, tuition and fees, schedule flexibility, and other potential requirements.

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In addition to this, they also provide personal and professional development services that will help you gain the experience and confidence you will need to work in the medical field in the state of California.


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