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Discover a Path to a Rewarding Career in Healthcare

In the heart of Los Angeles, the demand for compassionate, skilled nurses is surging. If you're aspiring to make a profound impact in healthcare, National Career College (NCC) offers a gateway to fulfilling your dreams with its accredited Vocational Nursing program. Here's why NCC isn’t just another one of the LVN schools in Los Angeles—it's your step towards a promising future in nursing.


Why Choose NCC’s Vocational Nursing Program?

A Curriculum Covering All Facets of Nursing: NCC’s VN program covers everything from fundamental patient care to advanced medical procedures. You’ll learn about the latest healthcare technologies and patient care ethics, ensuring you’re well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of patients and excel in various healthcare settings across Los Angeles and beyond.


Career Opportunities: The projected job growth for vocational nurses in California is significantly higher than the average for all occupations, indicating robust demand for professionals in this field. By starting now, you position yourself in a thriving job market with expanding opportunities in various healthcare settings.


A Commitment to High Standards: NCC's program is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), affirming our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of educational quality. This accreditation is your assurance that our program meets rigorous academic and professional criteria, preparing you for the challenges of a healthcare career.

NCC’s Comprehensive Curriculum and Expert Faculty

Practical Experience for Future Nurses: At NCC, we believe that excellence in nursing comes from a blend of rigorous academic study and intensive practical experience. Our program is designed to prepare you with hands-on training in our simulation labs, where you'll practice in settings that replicate real-world healthcare environments. This practical approach ensures you gain confidence and competence, making you job-ready from the day you graduate.


Clinical Externships that Bridge Theory and Practice: Our Vocational Nursing curriculum includes comprehensive clinical externships, offering you the chance to work within healthcare teams and apply your skills in actual medical settings. These externships are pivotal, allowing you to transition smoothly from theoretical knowledge to practical expertise, thereby enhancing your employability and readiness for the nursing field.


Learn from the Experts: Our faculty members are more than educators; they are experienced healthcare professionals who bring their real-world experience into the classroom. They mentor and guide you through your educational journey, ensuring that you not only learn but also understand the subtleties and complexities of nursing care.

What Sets NCC’s Vocational Nursing Program Apart?

Overcome Doubts and Build Confidence: If you're hesitating to take the first step towards a nursing career due to doubts about your readiness or suitability, let NCC help you overcome these hurdles. Our program is designed to build your confidence through a supportive learning environment and a community that believes in your potential.


Clear Path to Licensure: Upon completing the program, you will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Our school boasts a high pass rate on the NCLEX, demonstrating our commitment to your success on the exam and in your subsequent career.


Career Support: The Career Services Department at NCC extends beyond mere educational support—we're here to help build your resume, prepare you for interviews, and job placement services, all while leveraging our strong healthcare industry connections to assist you in securing a job after graduation.

NCC’s Vocational Nursing Student Success Testimonials

Google Reviews

Ayeza Samson (5 stars)

I highly recommend NCC for the people who wants to start LVN. Staff are helpful including Robert, Ms. Tuesday and other staff,  they will help you through your career until you pre and post grad. I will never forget this school.  Love this 


Janeth Duran (5 stars)

Today I received my Diploma from National Career College and I feel very excited. I am thankful for all the support from all the great teachers ‍ and clinical instructors from the LVN program who are wonderful and very knowledgeable! I decently recommend NCC because they provided me with all the materials I needed to be successful in completing the program. Thank you NCC!


Joce 09 (5 stars)

Its a good school they care about your future and really work with you, I personally did the LVN program and it was not easy but it was def worth it. Its all about being committed to it and putting in the work.

Begin Your Nursing Career with Confidence at NCC

The need for vocational nurses is on the rise. By enrolling in NCC's Vocational Nursing program, you're not merely selecting a job; you're embarking on a career that promises stability, fulfillment, and the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives. Don't let hesitation stop you from pursuing a career you're passionate about. For more information, explore NCC's Vocational Nursing program.

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*Financial aid is available for those who qualify.